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Prof. Hypnotherapy NGH Training Certificate
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Prof Hypnotherapy Training

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    Professional Hypnotherapy Training - 7 days

    Class Dates: (Select One)
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    So. California - Details provided upon registration
    Payment plans are available.

    • Did you know that most people live their lives based on limiting beliefs they learned before they turned 6 years old?
    • The root cause of most problems, patterns and behaviors lies deeply rooted in the subconscious mind and generally cannot be fully healed or transformed except through hypnotherapy or deep meditation
    • Most people look for answers to their problems, fears and concerns "outside" of themselves, when these problems are actually driven, consented to and even invited by the subconscious mind
    • Learn Hypnotherapy and EFT to identify and then rapidly release stress, past traumas, blocks, habits, patterns & behaviors for a new beginning
    About this Course
    As a result of attending this 7-Day series and meeting our training requirements, you will become certified as a Professional Hypnotherapist with The National Guild of Hypnotists and The Miracle Center of California. You will learn how to use Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Self-Hypnosis and the Level I of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with our proprietary Source Technique for professional use with others.This will enable you to work full or part-time as a Professional Hypnotherapist or you can add these powerful healing modalities to your already established practice.Throughout this course, we combine the curriculum of the National Guild of Hypnotists, our proprietary Source Technique with the principles of A Course in Miracles and EFT Level I. Our unique blend of spiritually-based curriculum provides fertile ground for extraordinary healing, transformation and results!
    See testimonials from Graduates at bottom of page.
    What you’ll gain from our Professional Hypnotherapy Course
    • Materials - NGH (National Guild of Hypnotist) certified training materials including curriculum,marketing materials, a pendulum, DVDs, inductions, scripts, a one year NGH membership. You will also receive an in-depth training binder from The Miracle Center with step-by-step instructions, inductions, scripts, examples, interview forms, methodologies, short-cuts, proven techniques, guidelines and EFT cards with written statements and affirmations (by topic) to use in sessions

    • Live Demos - Conducted by your instructor

    • Practice Rounds - to build your skill in rapidly finding the root cause of a problem

    • Personal Healing and Transformation - during class as a result of repeated practice with the techniques and other students

    • Supervised Live Practice Sessions - with other participants and guests we have invited to our classroom

    • Graduation Requirement - 30 Hours of homework is required and due within 45 days of the last day of class, prior to graduation and issuance of certification

    • CEUs - Continuing Education for qualifying organizations

    Who Should Attend
    These courses are recommended for those who intend on working full or part-time in a professional hypnotherapy career and also for those who desire to accelerate their hypnotherapy training and expertise. The courses may be taken for professional or personal use, keeping in mind that you will need to act as a practitioner in our student practice sessions and maintain the same professionalism as those attending for professional use.

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    If you'd like to save money by planning ahead, you will receive a discount by purchasing your training class at least 90 days prior to your desired class start date. Super saver pricing for all training programs may be found on our website by searching for "super saver" in the search box in the upper right corner of our home page.

    Please see our Terms, Conditions and Refund Policy or email us at with any questions.

    We look forward to meeting you and being your trusted source for alternative healing techniques and holistic training.

    Your purchase receipt is your confirmation for registration. You will receive a letter (via email) with details, class schedule, breaks and other relevant information about your training class prior to your designated start date.

    “The Hypnotherapy Training with Robin Duncan has been a beautiful blend of skill training excellence with integration of Spirit. Robin teaches concrete skills with spiritual principles which allow for deep healing and transformation. I have trained with numerous trainers in Hypnosis, EFT and Psycho-Spiritual healing. Robin’s training by far sets the standard for excellence. Thank you so much for your enormous generous heart and God’s love to free us from our limited beliefs and toxic emotions."
    Dr. Timothy Ryan, Ph.D, D.P.C., LPMT

    “The Hypnotherapy, Advanced Hypnosis and Past Life Regression classes were fantastic! I learned so much and Robin was so thorough that I feel extremely confident in my ability to perform these services for clients. Robin, your students will accomplish the ultimate gift of healing … your light will grow and you will help so many. Thank you for you, thank you for your light and wisdom.”
    Michele Renee, CHT, Medium -

    "As a Wellness Coach, I use Robin Duncan’s techniques in my Hypnotherapy sessions. In bringing spiritual principles into Hypnosis, the process is both enlightening and transforming for the receiver. Also, by using EFT with the Source Technique during my Hypnosis sessions, I found that my clients release their core beliefs more rapidly than with conventional methods. My clients report that this process is not only pain-free, but truly a “Fast Track to Peace.”
    Roberta C. Pereda, Social Worker, CHT, Mastery Living

    “I took much more from your seminar than improved and new techniques. Something else is enriching my practice and I had more clients in this room these past two weeks than ever before. I feel more seasoned and deeply inspired, my techniques have improved and the new material has integrated flawlessly to provide a service to my clients. I am indeed attracting more people that have funds. I have received thank you letters that made me cry. I am very thankful."
    Regina Barang, CHT, Lucid Junction Life Coaching

    Advanced Hypnosis and Regression was an amazing class for me. I learned so much and cleared so many issues and blocks. Regression is now at the top of my list! I so enjoyed the step-by-step inductions, visualizations, post-hypnotic suggestions, muscle relaxation and every tool in my amazing binder. Robin is a GREAT teacher. You Rock Robin! God Bless You!"
    Tahira Asad, CHT

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