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EFT Card Set on 112 Topics

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    Lowest Price Guarantee

    EFT Card Set on 112 Topics >>> SPECIAL LOWEST PRICE OFFER
    EFT, Prayer & Customized Wording by Topic based on A Course in Miracles
    Reg. Price $2.97/card or $333/set - ON SALE NOW for ONLY $27 for the FULL 112 EFT CARD SET!

    Enjoy this customized EFT Card Set on 112 Powerful Topics by Robin Duncan which includes powerful wording for each topic including prayer and inspirational language from A Course in Miracles. These EFT Cards are highly useful for individuals as well as new and experienced EFT Practitioners.

    By using prayer and the spiritual principles of A Course in Miracles during the EFT Tapping Sequence, you will more effectively neutralize negative feelings and emotions, and reach a whole new level of success with EFT.

    There are 112 Powerful EFT Tapping Cards by Topic to choose from!

    Each EFT Card you purchase includes 2 Identical EFT Cards per page (based on your topic of choice) - one for your home and one for your office.

    How to Download Your Purchase
    Upon purchase, you will be able to download, print, and/or save your EFT Cards (.PDF) to your home computer. A download link will be sent to your email address after your purchase is complete. 

    For Terms, Conditions & Refund policy - See our homepage

    FULL EFT Tapping Card Library (Set of 112 Topics)

    The Top Ten

    • EFT Card on Crisis & Emergencies 
    • EFT Card on Setting the Goal of Peace
    • EFT Card on Faith, Trust & Surrender 
    • EFT Card on Prayer & Listening 
    • EFT Card on Meditation for a Calm Mind 
    • EFT Card on Distraction & Resistance
    • EFT Card on Accepting God’s Plan
    • EFT Card on Preparing for a Great Outcome
    • EFT Card on Why is God taking so long?
    • EFT Card on I AM PEACEFUL 

    Money & Financial Matters

    • EFT Card on Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire 
    • EFT Card on Breaking the Pattern of Lack 
    • EFT Card on Releasing Guilt About Money 
    • EFT Card on Financial Fear 
    • EFT Card on Being a Good Receiver 
    • EFT Card on Tithing & Magnetic Wealth 
    • EFT Card on I AM SECURE

    Emotional Healing & Self-Love

    • EFT Card on Busy-Mind & Insomnia 
    • EFT Card on Inadequacy & Powerlessness
    • EFT Card on Worthiness and Self-Love 
    • EFT Card on Guilt, Shame & Regret 
    • EFT Card on Depression & Sadness
    • EFT Card on Self-Judgment & Criticism 
    • EFT Card on Frustration & Disappointment
    • EFT Card on Procrastination & Clutter
    • EFT Card on Performance & Test Anxiety 
    • EFT Card on Phobias and Fear of Danger
    • EFT Card on Five Steps out of Fear - WVBTR 
    • EFT Card on Betrayal and Deception 
    • EFT Card on Grief & Loss
    • EFT Card on Seizing Fearful Thoughts 
    • EFT Card on Fear of the Future 
    • EFT Card on Anger Towards God 
    • EFT Card on Trusting Others 
    • EFT Card on Trusting Yourself 
    • EFT Card on I AM WORTHY 

    Deep Inner Healing

    • EFT Card on Childhood Abuse 
    • EFT Card on Releasing Grievances  
    • EFT Script on Releasing Hurts of the Past 
    • EFT Card on P.T.S.D. and Trauma Relief 
    • EFT Card on Anger, Rage and Resentment 
    • EFT Card on Self-Doubt & Inner Dialogue 
    • EFT Card on Self-Love & Acceptance 
    • EFT Card on I AM ENOUGH 

    Health & Wellness

    • EFT Card on Accidents & Injury 
    • EFT Card on Responding to a Negative Diagnosis 
    • EFT Card on Pain & Discomfort 
    • EFT Card on I Need A Miracle! 
    • EFT Card on Inviting Miracles 
    • EFT Card on Recovering from Illness 
    • EFT Card on Challenges for Seniors 
    • EFT Card on Dealing with Symptoms 
    • EFT Card on I AM WHOLE 

    Love & Relationships

    • EFT Card on Judgment & Persecution 
    • EFT Card on Father Healing 
    • EFT Card on Mother Healing 
    • EFT Card on Conflict in Relationships 
    • EFT Card on Communication 
    • EFT Card on Love & Dating 
    • EFT Card on Setting Boundaries 
    • EFT Card on Healing from a Breakup 
    • EFT Card on Separation & Divorce 
    • EFT Card on Love & Intimacy 
    • EFT Card on Rewriting the Script 
    • EFT Card on Love & Forgiveness 
    • EFT Card on Rejection by Loved Ones 
    • EFT Card on Rising Above the Family Story 
    • EFT Card on I AM LOVED 


    • EFT Card on Getting Unstuck 
    • EFT Card on How to Pray for Others 
    • EFT Card on Why Me, Why This, Why Now 
    • EFT Card on Care for the Caregiver 
    • EFT Card on Loved Ones with Addictions 
    • EFT Card on Worry & Stress 
    • EFT Card on Dealing with Negativity 
    • EFT Card on Loneliness & Abandonment 
    • EFT Card on Fear of Failure 
    • EFT Card on Letting Yourself Succeed 
    • EFT Card on Living without Planning 
    • EFT Card on Earthquakes, Storms, etc. 
    • EFT Card on Global Challenges 

    Habit Cessation

    • EFT Card on Preparing to Stop a Habit 
    • EFT Script for Cravings 
    • EFT Card on Addiction to Alcohol 
    • EFT Card on Addiction to Drugs 
    • EFT Card on Addiction to Failure 
    • EFT Card on Addiction to Food 
    • EFT Card on Addiction to Gambling 
    • EFT Card on Addiction to Internet
    • EFT Card on Addiction to Judgment 
    • EFT Card on Addiction to Negativity 
    • EFT Card on Addiction to Sex 
    • EFT Card on Addiction to Shopping 
    • EFT Card on Addiction to Smoking 
    • EFT Card on Addiction to Video Games 
    • EFT Card on Addiction to Work 
    • EFT Card on Addiction to Worry 
    • EFT Card on Moving Through Resistance 


    • EFT Card on Fertility & Pregnancy 
    • EFT Card on Parenting 
    • EFT Card on EFT for Children Releasing Worry & Fear 


    • EFT Card on Fear of Change 
    • EFT Card on Loss of a Loved One 
    • EFT Card on Loss of a Spouse 
    • EFT Card on Loss of a Child 
    • EFT Card on Fear of Death & Dying 
    • EFT Card on Life Review & Regrets 


    • EFT Card on I AM HAPPY & GRATEFUL 
    • EFT Card on I AM POWERFUL & FREE 

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