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Life Coaching on 5 Topics Training Certificate
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Life Coaching - Relationships

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    Life Coaching Certification on Relationships
    infused with the principles of A Course in Miracles

    Online Course Date
    Launch Date To Be Announced


    • Find out how to move beyond conflict in relationships by discovering the hidden causes and solutions
    • Learn why the people that cause the greatest challenges are the ones who offer the greatest opportunities for your happiness and fulfillment
    • Discover how to maintain your peace and sanity when confronted with another person’s judgments, anger or persecution
    • Find out what you can do to bring healing and harmony to all of your existing relationships

    About this Course
    In each of our Life Coaching Certification Courses, we combine our proven proprietary techniques, EFT with the Source Technique, Customized Scripts, Principles of A Course in Miracles, along with traditional methods of healing for extraordinary life transformation. This unique combination brings personal healing for you as a practitioner,as well as for your clients.

    Our Life Coaching materials and approach will boost your confidence and enthusiasm, making you eager to use your newly learned skills with clients. For each class, you will receive comprehensive binder materials ( that you can print and save for future reference ), bringing everything you need at your fingertips.

    Whether you are new to Life Coaching or you are a Seasoned Practitioner, this series delivers the skills, tools, interview forms, discovery documents, EFT cards, guided-imagery scripts, homework and release exercises for clients, along with the confidence to reduce or eliminate the obstacles that are keeping your client from their desired outcome(s). These Life Coaching courses may be taken in series or purchased separately. For information about our other training programs and resources, go to:

    Proven, Proprietary Techniques for Extraordinary Results
    Our training programs are like no other. Most life coaching programs are directed at healing the problem at the level of the problem. Our course is designed to target the "cause" of the problem, such that it can be healed in a lasting way. All healing is an inside job. As Life Coaches, we do a "dis-service" to our clients when we approach a problem at the surface instead of its hidden core. Once the cause of the problem has been identified and neutralized, the effects of the problem begin to dissolve and heal. Our specialty is in giving you the tools to quickly and effectively make positive, lasting, and life-altering changes in the lives of others.

    • Discover the secrets for radical life-transformation for your clients
    • Release problems at their root for rapid, lasting results with our signature techniques
    • Get unstuck fast and receive the solutions to move beyond blocks
    • Create income doing what you love - while working miracles in the lives of others

    Why Attend Now?
    Every day you wait to attend these courses, you are without the essential tools you need to make your work as a Certified Life Coach easier and extraordinary. There is a reason your clients are facing the same problems over and over again. These courses will give you the tools to confidently identify the cause of their problems and then show you step-by-step, what to do to move beyond them for lasting results.

    Who Should Attend
    Whether you are new to life coaching, a seasoned coach, therapist, practitioner, a registered nurse or other health professional, you will benefit personally and professionally from these courses. If you are already an established life coach, our techniques will take your expertise to a whole new level.

    Other Life Coaching Topics Available
    We offer 5 life-changing topics in the categories most requested by our students, graduates, and clients. Our students find the exercises and practice sessions to be inspiring, insightful, healing and enjoyable for all.

    The 5 Life Coaching Topics we offer are:

    • Prosperity & Personal Power - Launch Date To Be Announced
    • Relationships - Launch Date To Be Announced
    • Weight Loss - Launch Date To Be Announced
    • Health & Wellness - Launch Date To Be Announced
    • Life Path & Spiritual Development - Launch Date To Be Announced

    BUY ALL 5 Life Coaching Courses

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    What you will gain from our Life Coaching Certification Courses

    • Certification in Life Coaching by Topic from The Miracle Center of California after meeting certification requirements (see below)
    • In-Depth Turn-Key Training Materials with step-by-step Instructions, Examples, Interview Forms, Guided Imagery Scripts, Methodologies, Short-cuts, Proven Techniques, & Guidelines
    • EFT Cards with Affirmations infused with principles from A Course in Miracles to use in session or on the go
    • EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques - Level I Training
    • Practice Rounds with your family and/or friends to build confidence and skills in rapidly finding the root cause of a problem and releasing its influence with measurable results
    • Personal Healing and Transformation as a result of practicing our techniques and exercises on your own
    • Graduation & Certification Requirements
      The following are the requirements to receive your Certification in Life Coaching (by Topic)
      - 4 Practice Sessions & Successful Feedback Forms for each Life Coaching Topic
      - A Final Exam for each topic must be completed with a passing score
      - A Successful Phone Interview with one of our Qualifed Instructors
      - You have 6 months from your date of registration to meet certification requirements

    Please see our Terms, Conditions, and Refund Policy or email us at with any questions.

    We look forward to becoming your Trusted Source for Holistic Training.

    Your purchase receipt is your confirmation for registration. You will receive details for the Online Life Coaching Course and other relevant information prior to the program start date.

    Thank you for your willingness to be of service to others.
    We appreciate you more than you may realize!


    The following are summaries of all 5 Life Coaching Courses (Highlights)

    1 - Prosperity & Personal Power Certification Course

    • Learn how to identify and release sabotaging limiting beliefs (conscious and subconscious) about money and scarcity, and open to a life of abundance, happiness, and well-being
    • Use our unique, proven technqiue3s to transform fear, worry, and stress about money to a consciousness of abundance, whether you or your client are trying to manifest your next month's rent or you are securing a multi-million dollar buisness deal
    • Find out why prosperity and great opportunities seem to move away from some people and fall into the laps of others, and more importantly, what you can do about it
    • Discover the benefits of Higher Consciousness and tap into confidence, direction, and guidance that will show you how to move forward

    2 - Relationships Certification Course

    • Find out how to move beyond conflict in relationships by discovering the hidden causes and solutions
    • Learn why the people that cause the greatest challenges are the ones who offer the greatest opportunities for your happiness and fulfillment
    • Discover how to maintain your peace and sanity when confronted with another person’s judgments, anger or persecution
    • Find out what you can do to bring healing and harmony to all of your existing relationships

    3 - Weight Loss Certification Course

    • Discover why losing emotional weight (such as anger, grief, sadness, disappointment, fear and loneliness) is the 1st and most essential step for lasting physical weight loss
    • Teach your client or patient how to release their emotional weight with our customized guided imagery scripts, EFT cards, prayers and other powerful tools for lasting weight loss
    • Learn rapid techniques to reduce or eliminate cravings, self-judgment, frustration, boredom and other saboteurs that keep you from your desired weight
    • Receive our SIX-WEEK weight loss program for your clients or patients, including templates, quick-start techniques, how-to exercises, customized scripts, EFT queue cards, discovery documents, questionnaires and much more!
    • Find out why most traditional weight loss programs don't work in the long run

    4 - Health & Wellness Certification Course

    • Reduce and/or eliminate pain and discomfort in a matter of minutes using EFT with the Source Technique (for yourself and/or your clients or patients)
    • Quickly Identify and transform the root cause of a particular illness or discomfort to accelerate your client's wellness journey
    • Use different forms of communication, depending on varying degrees of illness or discomfort, for deeper connection and greater efficiency in a client session
    • Help your client learn how to alleviate their pain and distress in the comfort of their own home

    5 - Life Path & Spiritual Development Certification Course

    • Learn how to reconnect with your inner compass for guidance, direction and certainty
    • Explore and/or define your predestined Life Path for yourself and your clients
    • Identify and transform the sabotaging blocks, fears and resistance keeping your clients from fully engaging in their Life Path
    • Determine the difference between listening to your lower mind or ego and listening to your Higher Mind or Divine Intelligence for guidance
    • Access your Spiritual Guides/Higher Consciousness for safety, guidance, resources and direction in all situations through the use of prayer, listening and meditation

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