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Guided Meditations Library - Set of 90

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    Guided Meditation Library - Set of 90 Meditations
    based on the principles of A Course in Miracles

    In these brief meditations on truth, Robin Duncan will help you quickly calm your mind, center yourself, focus on prayer and listening, and reclaim a sense of inner peace. Once your mind is calm, this will help you to turn inward and listen for Divine Guidance. Every answer is within you. The highest part of your mind is clear, capable, and eager to assist you.

    The goal of these meditations on truth is to help you to see your situation and yourself as healed and whole, such that the means for this healing can be given you. Some of the affirmations used in these meditations may seem higher or more positive than your present condition, situation, or state of mind. It is helpful to think of these positive affirmations as seeds being planted in a garden. Nourish these seeds in your mind and they will grow and flourish, bringing you your bountiful harvest.

    Be sure to make a reservation for a peaceful outcome in your situation for everyone involved. Then, step back (in your mind) and allow the details to unfold at the direction of the One Who Knows what needs to happen - to serve the best interests of everyone involved.

    Your part is to quiet your mind and invite Higher Consciousness to guide you. Your Higher Consciousness will then guide you and accomplish the healing on your behalf.

    It is helpful to repeat this meditation as often as needed to neutralize your fearful thoughts. As you quiet your mind (with help from this brief meditation), this will help you to hear divine guidance from your Higher Consciousness. You will be guided on what to do and what steps to take.

    This is a time for listening and faith. We join you in your willingness to trust that everything will work out peacefully for everyone involved.

    Your Guided Meditation Library (Set of 90 as noted below) will be emailed to you shortly after purchase. Thank you.

    Guided Meditation Library - Set of 90 Topics

    Top Ten Essentials

    1. Meditation for Crisis and Emergencies
    2. Meditation on Setting the Goal of Peace
    3. Meditation for Faith,Trust & Surrender
    4. Meditation for Prayer & Listening
    5. The God Meditation by Robin Duncan
    6. Meditation for Distraction & Resistance
    7. Meditation for Accepting God's Plan
    8. Meditation for Preparing for a Great Outcome
    9. Meditation for Why is God taking so long?
    10. Meditation for I AM PEACEFUL

    Money & Financial Matters

    1. Meditation for Manifesting Your Heart's Desires
    2. Meditation for Breaking the Pattern of Lack
    3. Meditation for Releasing Guilt about Money
    4. Meditation for Financial Fear - Free Gift
    5. Meditation for Being a Good Receiver
    6. Meditation for Tithing & Magnetic Wealth
    7. Meditation on I AM ONE WITH GOD

    Emotional Healing & Self-Love

    1. Meditation for Busy-Mind & Insomnia - Free Gift
    2. Hypnosis Meditation on Healing Limited Thoughts
    3. Meditation for Inadequacy & Powerlessness
    4. Meditation for Guilt, Shame & Regret
    5. Meditation for Depression & Sadness
    6. Meditation for Self-Judgment & Criticism
    7. Meditation for Frustration & Disappointment
    8. Hypnosis Meditation on I Forgive Myself
    9. Meditation for Performance & Test Anxiety
    10. Meditation for Phobia & Fear of Danger
    11. Meditation for Betrayal & Deception
    12. Meditation for Grief & Loss
    13. Meditation for Seizing Fearful Thoughts
    14. Meditation for Fear of the Future
    15. Meditation for Anger towards God
    16. Meditation for Trusting Others
    17. Meditation for Trusting Yourself
    18. Meditation for I AM WORTHY

    Deep Inner Healing

    1. Hypnosis Meditation for Releasing Childhood Hurts
    2. Meditation for Healing Hurts of the Past
    3. Meditation for PTSD and Trauma Relief
    4. Meditation for Anger, Rage & Resentment
    5. Meditation for Self-Doubt & Inner Dialogue
    6. Meditation for Self-Love & Acceptance
    7. Meditation for I AM ENOUGH

    Health & Wellness

    1. Meditation for Accidents & Injury
    2. Meditation for Responding to a Negative Diagnosis
    3. Hypnosis Meditation for Pain & Discomfort
    4. Meditation for I Need A Miracle!
    5. Hypnosis Meditation for I Will There Be Light
    6. Hypnosis Meditation on Junk in the Trunk
    7. Meditation for Opening to Self-Love
    8. Meditation for Dealing with Symptoms
    9. Hypnosis Meditation on A Willingness to Heal

    Love & Relationships

    1. Meditation for Judgment & Persecution
    2. Hypnosis Meditation on Mother Healing
    3. Meditation for Conflict in Relationships
    4. Meditation for Communication
    5. Meditation for Love & Dating
    6. Meditation for Setting Boundaries
    7. Meditation for Healing from a Breakup
    8. Meditation for Separation & Divorce
    9. Meditation for Love & Intimacy
    10. Meditation for Rewriting the Script
    11. Hypnosis Meditation on Peace in the Midst of Chaos
    12. Meditation on Rejection by Loved Ones
    13. Hypnosis Meditation for Inviting Miracles
    14. Meditation for I AM LOVED
    15. Guided Meditation on Remembering Love


    1. Meditation for Getting Unstuck
    2. Meditation for Prayer for Others
    3. Meditation for Why Me, Why This, Why Now?
    4. Meditation for Care for the Caregiver
    5. Meditation for Loved Ones with Addictions
    6. Meditation for Worry & Stress - Free Gift
    7. Meditation for Dealing with Negativity
    8. Meditation for Loneliness & Abandonment
    9. Meditation for Fear of Failure
    10. Meditation for Letting Yourself Succeed
    11. Meditation for Living without Planning
    12. Meditation for Global Challenges

    Habit Cessation

    1. Meditation for Preparing to Stop a Habit
    2. Prayer Meditation on Releasing Habits
    3. Prayer Meditation on Freedom from Addiction
    4. Meditation on Moving through Resistance
    5. Prayer Meditation on I AM NOT MY ADDICTION


    1. Prayer Meditation Fertility & Pregnancy
    2. Meditation on Parenting
    3. Meditation for I AM DIVINELY GUIDED


    1. Meditation on Fear of Change
    2. Meditation on Loss of a Loved One
    3. Meditation on Fear of Death & Dying
    4. Meditation on Life Review & Regrets
    1. Meditation on I AM HAPPY & GRATEFUL
    2. Meditation on I AM POWERFUL & FREE
    3. Meditation on I AM AS GOD CREATED ME

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