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ACIM Coaching Audio - 24 Pack

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    A Course in Miracles Coaching Library - Set of 24 Super Pack (MP3's)
    Buy One Topic or the Full Library of 24 Audios!

    Bring peace, happiness, and abundance to your life and heal your relationships through the spiritual principles of A Course in Miracles. In this ACIM Coaching Series, Robin Duncan shares practical explanations, examples, and miracle stories that will teach you how to apply the Course for personal healing and transformation. (See testimonials below.)

    ACIM Coaching Library by Topic

      1. A Call for Love
      2. A Life of Ease
      3. Breakthrough!
      4. Dealing with Disappointment
      5. Dealing with Difficult People
      6. Development of Trust
      7. Dragon Slayer
      8. Dream Roles
      9. Ego’s Witnesses
      10. Finding a Safe Haven
      11. How to Pray for Others
      12. Listening vs. Deciding
      13. Loving Yourself
      14. Making Love Easy
      15. Navigating Illusions
      16. Practical Spirituality
      17. Preparing for a Great Outcome
      18. Receiving Heaven’s Blessings
      19. Releasing Self-Judgment
      20. Standing Up To Illusions
      21. The Power of Choice
      22. The Reluctant Receiver
      23. Upgrade to First Class
      24. Why Is This Happening To Me?

    I can't begin to thank you for the abundance of resources you have provided for us. It has given me the first real hope I have felt in a long, long time. You speak so clearly!!!! Although I have been a student of the Course for 20 years or more, somehow I have let the ego use it to convince me of my guilt instead of letting the Holy Spirit use it for my awakening. The outer problems have been daunting, but you have helped me trust that there really is no need to play this out. I am turning this ship around!! You really have provided everything!!! Thank you so much Robin! Tracy B.

    I listen to your information just about every day. I absolutely love it!! There have been many miracles that have happened since listening to them. It seems that even in the middle of chaos I can find peace. I left a relationship of 10 years, not knowing where I was going to go. I am an artist, so going someplace new has always felt like starting at square one. I am finding peace and my income has raised substantially. I have times when I feel the Holy Spirit’s presence and it is so amazing!! I feel like I have a buddy that's right there with me and guiding me. I have never felt that before. I can't tell you how much your coaching has meant to me. It has been the most amazing thing I have ever listened to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I tell everyone I know to look you up. ~ Laurel A.

    Thanks for the rich insights and support. What a blessing to be gaining and incorporating such powerful knowledge. My life IS growing more peaceful and I am committed to being patient as I keep learning. All the best and much love, Leila L.

    You welcomed us on a journey to truth, love, and goodness. The path began in a stage of tremendous fear... The truths had to surface... The course has given us direction, the light of God became the way. Then love became the only goal... Peace defines Love. Thank you, Robin, for journeying with us, for guiding us, loving us, and being one in us. We love you and love being loved by you. Always one in Our Loving and Gracious God, Nancy & Michele

    Excited to share the amazement and wonderment I feel!! I sense this wonderful movement and expression inside of myself, from the teachings of The Truth that you shared! The personal sharing, the tools, new understanding, tapping and affirming powerful statements together, left me basking in freedom of God's ease, Love, Joy and contentment! Trusting All is Well in having CHOICE. And feeling free to have what I want! Mostly… to simply FEEL GOOD… to be free to FEEL GOOD! Such a beautiful breakthrough for me! I have had some Prosperity Miracles roll in since then! YIPPPIE!) Tears of JOY, Robin… THANK YOU!!! Thank you Lord!!!! Xoxo Trish R.

    Thank you for sharing your insights and vision with me. I feel so blessed to have you as an A Course in Miracles Mentor. Thank you so much for the powerful clarity and holding the Truth for us all. "Today I begin anew and truly seek and receive only what belongs to me in Truth. Today I celebrate peace and joy for you as they are mine.” Blessings and much love, Dr. Tim Ryan

    Robin! You are truly an angel on earth. I feel so blessed to have found someone who listens profoundly, loves completely and who is guiding me towards my best self. My intention has always been to inspire and empower others. I now know that I must do that for myself first... and I don't have to do it alone. Thank YOU! From the bottom of my heart... Deborah D.

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