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Inviting Miracles - Set of 4 Audios - 888887
Inviting Miracles - Set of 4 Audios - 888887

Inviting Miracles - Set of 4 Audios

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    Inviting Miracles - Set of 4 Pre-Recorded Teleclasses (mp3s)
    by Robin Duncan 

    Set of 4 Pre-Recorded LIVE Audio Teleclasses (MP3's):

    1 - Inviting Miracles - Part 1 of 4
    Including: Gain deeper understanding of ACIM and how to apply in your life, Learn what
    miracles are and how to invite them, Five Steps out of Fear WVBTR, Find out why some
    prayers don't seem to get answered, What is causing delay, Learn what is creating obstacles,
    How to move on from here

    2 - Inviting Miracles - Part 2 of 4
    Includes: More Basics of ACIM, How to invite Divine Love/Holy Spirit to help, How to keep
    from resisting your own healing, How to leave a space for Divine Intervention without filling
    it up yourself, Find out why your Willingness is essential to the healing process, Prayer for
    healing thoughts about lack

    3 - Inviting Miracles - Part 3 of 4
    Includes:  A Personal Story of Inviting Miracles, Introduction to EFT Tapping Points, plus
    EFT Tapping Exercise, A healed mind does not plan, How to keep an open space for prayers
    to be answered

    4 - Inviting Miracles - Part 4 of 4
    Includes: It is not up to your to solve your problem, The Holy Spirit's part in the healing,
    Why your invitation is so important, Cause and Effect is Reversed, What to do when you are
    cared or feel threatened, What is projection, How to know when you are listening to God,
    You cannot Trust and Doubt at the same time, Is God holding out on your - The Real Answer,
    Final Prayer

    Accessing the 4 Teleclass Audio Recordings

    You will receive an email with the Audio Links to all 4 Pre-Recorded Teleclasses shortly after you make your purchase. 


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