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Miracles in Weight Loss Series-7 Wks

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    Miracles in Weight Loss Series 
    An Extraordinary Spiritually-based 7-Week Online Weight Loss Course

    Pre-Release Launch Price of $97 - Available until Sept. 30, 2014!
    That's OVER 80% off the Regular Price of $497 - Start Today!
    The Grand Launch of this series at a higher price is on Oct.1, 2014

    This 7-Module Course combines the Principles from A Course in Miracles, EFT with the Source Technique, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Guided Meditation & Sound Therapy.  This series includes classroom videos (you can watch anytime for up to six months), guided meditations, audios, materials, and scripts (you can listen to and enjoy over and over again, forever!)

    Drop Weight, Release the Past & Heal Your Life ... All at the Same Time!

    Did you know that Emotional Baggage is LIKELY the cause of your Emotional Eating and Weight Gain?

    Kick-Start Your Weight Loss Success with these SIMPLE & POWERFUL TOOLS
    designed to:
    • Calm Your Mind Fast
    • Drop Weight by Releasing Unwanted Emotions
    • Neutralize Stress & Anxiety without turning to Food for Comfort
    • Discover "Hidden Beliefs" that are Sabotaging your Attempts to Lose Weight
    • Free Yourself from Past Hurts & Traumas
    • Undo Emotional Blocks that are Keeping you from your Ideal Weight
    • Move Beyond Self-Judgment, Self-Loathing, & Self-Criticism,
      and into Self-Love, Self-Care, & Self-Awareness!

    The Miracles in Weight Loss Online Course can be taken at your own pace and on your own time.  You can watch our classroom videos, or listen to our downloadable audios and guided meditations (over and over again) from any computer, ipod, ipad, smartphone, or other listening device.  The course is designed to be completed in 7 modules over a 7 week period, however, you can enjoy the materials over the time period that works with your busy schedule.  You are guaranteed to gain powerful insights about what has been blocking your weight loss success, and what you can do to break through the barriers.  Most of our students report a lighter body and life-changing experiences, accompanied by a new sense of confidence, empowerment, freedom, energy, and focus.

    After you purchase this series, the full 7-Modules and all links for the classroom videos, guided meditations, audios, and scripts will be emailed to you within 24 hours.  Thank you!

    Some Testimonials from our Weight Loss Clients:

    "I lost 18 pounds and about 3 sizes! I am no longer an "Emotional Eater". Food doesn't control me anymore. I used to get physically ill when I would try to work out. I went to many Doctors to find out why and no one could help me. After one class, Robin helped me figure out why this was happening and we cleared it that night. Now I love to work out! I recommend this series to everyone." Yassmin M.

    "Throughout the course, I stayed focused. The guided meditations were unbelievably helpful and very important for me. I was able to sweep away a good portion of the remaining debris that has been hanging around for so long. I lost TWO pant sizes and feel like I am closer to the truth of who I am and to remembering home. I want to bring this message out to the world!" Patti C.

    "There is no other class like this anywhere... Robin helps us remember who we are, how to go to the Truth whenever we are challenged and to NOT beat on ourselves to lose pounds. I released anger, fear, self judgment and guilt... along with 11 pounds. I am feeling lighter, more energetic and hopeful. It's a thoroughly awesome class! Thanks for all you do and your encouragement and closeness with the group." Anne P.

    "This series is wonderful in so many ways! It targets the real cause of our extra weight and then helps us to release the weight (at the level of the cause) so it doesn't come back. I strongly believe anyone can benefit from this series. The guided meditations helped me to release emotional burdens from the past and to choose love for myself instead. I listen to them on a daily basis. Robin has an extraordinary way of working with the group as a whole and yet she still helps each person individually with their own personal challenges. I am much more peaceful now at all levels." Shari D.

    "I've learned a lot of different techniques to help with weight loss and self-care. Along with 8 pounds, I lost TONS of emotional weight. I let go of the thinking that no longer serves me and was able to kick-start some body work efforts! I love the group approach. The support and conversation with others was very helpful. This has been an extremely loving experience for me." Karen W

    "I loved looking at my issues from a spiritual perspective. I let go of a lot of pain and now I feel FREE - like I know what to focus on and what to release." Barbara P.

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