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Miracles in Prayer - 10 Pack

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    Miracles in Prayer by Robin Duncan (10 Book Package)
    150 Prayers for Everyday Living based on A Course in Miracles

    Enjoy this Discount Package Set of 10 Miracles in Prayer books,
    offering 150 Prayers for Everyday Living on a great variety of topics.

    These inspirational Prayer Books make excellent gifts for:

    • Birthdays
    • Anniversaries
    • Celebrations
    • Hospital Stays
    • Shelters
    • Senior Homes
    • Rehabilitation Centers
    • Hospice
    • Family/Friends working through challenges with:
      • Illness
      • Money & Finance
      • Relationships
      • Job Changes
      • Home
      • Children/Teens
      • Legal Matters
      • Forgiveness & Grievances
      • Traumas & Emergencies
      • Releasing the Past
      • Fear of the Future
      • Global Concerns

    Sample Prayer from the Miracles in Prayer book:

    Prayer #7 - "Making a Reservation for Peace"

    "Dear God,

    I’d like to call ahead and make a reservation for peace. Regardless of my circumstances or the severity of my challenges, I trust that You are walking with me and there is nothing to fear. Thank You, in advance, for a happy, peaceful, abundant and miraculous outcome to my situation that is far beyond my greatest expectations.I trust that You are skillfully handling every detail on my behalf. With Your Divine guidance, I am assured that the right people, resources, events and circumstances are being perfectly aligned for my greatest happiness and highest good. I gratefully accept the abundance of Your blessings and trust that Your swift response to my request is a natural part of Your love for me. Thank You for replacing all of my fears, misperceptions, illusions and self-judgments with the abundance of Your love and miracles. Thy will be done. Amen"

    We have been told repeatedly, that many people actually sleep with this book and take it with them wherever they go. If you are experiencing challenges (on any level), this book will help to calm your mind, guide you through prayer, and offer a sense of direction in the midst of the storm.

    We love hearing from you. Please be sure to let us know if you are enjoying the book!

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