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Music for the Heart in F# - Sound Therapy by Robin Duncan

Music for the Heart in F# - Royalty Free Music

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    Sound Therapy Music Offered as CD or MP3 Download (60.31 min)

    Music for the Heart in F# is Sound Therapy Music and is offered here for Royalty Free use in your professional recordings. This music helps to awaken and activate the heart and brings gentle reminders of love, forgiveness, acceptance and well-being. It is ideal for meditation, hypnosis, reiki, yoga or massage and is also enjoyable to listen to at work or while relaxing at home. This music is composed and produced by Robin Duncan.

    By making this purchase, you are entitled to use it for your professional recording projects, including the sale of your recorded projects. You are not authorized to copy, duplicate, manipulate or sell this music to or for another person or entity for any other use than specified above.

    The $50.00 fee entitles you to the use of this recording on an ongoing basis. The music is over 60 minutes in length and should give you plenty of background music for most any project.

    IMPORTANT: If you purchase the rights to this music, it must not be changed, manipulated or altered in any way. You may, however, shorten it as needed for your projects.

    Requirements for Use:
    When using this recording for your projects, you MUST include the following credits on the outside cover of your completed project(s):

    “Music for the Heart in F#”
    Composed & Produced by Robin Duncan

    Intended Use for this Royalty Free Music
    It is our intention that this royalty free music be enjoyed as background music for professional recording projects that help to sooth, relax, comfort, heal, restore or raise consciousness. To use this product, the content of your finished recording must not include profanity, vulgar or explicit terms and/or sexual content. The appropriate credits (as noted below) must be included on the outside packaging of all recorded projects. As long as these conditions are adhered to, it is our desire that you enjoy the use of this music for your recording projects for years to come.

    Right of Refusal
    Robin Duncan and maintains the right to refuse the use of this music to anyone for any recording project that it deems as offensive, inappropriate, or out of integrity with its intended use (as noted above), even after a product has been recorded and/or is offered or held for sale. If such refusal is exercised by Robin Duncan and, the purchase price, if any, will be refunded to the purchaser of this royalty free music. If such refusal is exercised, we reserve the right to require that all applicable recorded products (with this music as background) be recalled or pulled from the market, at our sole discretion. If such refusal is exercised, the music must not be used for any projects, without further authorization from Robin Duncan and

    The music is approximately 60 minutes in length and should give you plenty of background music for most any project.

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