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The Awakening in D# Sound Therapy by Robin Duncan

Awakening in D Sharp

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    Sound Therapy - Awakening in D# (MP3 download)
    Sound Therapy Composition by Robin Duncan

    The Awakening in D# is a gentle background music that is ideal for meditation, hypnosis, yoga or massage and may also be enjoyed at work or while relaxing at home. When creating this music, I prayed for music straight from the Creator that would help to raise awareness of our Divine connection, open the sacral chakra and activate our creativity and imagination. While composing and listening to this music, I began to weep. There is something in the tones that unlocked an inner door to me. Since that time, many people have reported that listening to this music helps them feel energized, restored and connected to the Source.

    This music was composed and produced by Robin Duncan and may be purchased as royalty free music for an added fee of $50.

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