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Miracles in Money by Robin Duncan

Miracles in Money eBook by Robin Duncan

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    Miracles in Money eBook by Robin Duncan  (.PDF Download)
    Emergency Handbook for Handling Financial Stress and Fear

    The Miracles in Money Emergency Handbook offers practical easy-to-use principles (based on A Course in Miracles) to help you to rapidly move beyond your financial stress and fear. It is like a trail map which offers a "compass to abundance" by showing you how to maneuver through financial obstacles (step-by-step) with ease. The spiritual principles taught in A Course in Miracles are powerful and life-changing. This book will show you how to put them directly into ACTION! You will soon find out what has been blocking you from your natural and God-given state of abundance and even more importantly, what needs to happen for you to experience a shift and free yourself. Like many others, you will find this book to be a reliable and comforting companion during any moment of stress or fear about money.   With a quick flip-open, you will quickly regain your peace of mind and learn how to move beyond financial worries, stress and other challenges. Robin is known for her practical spiritually-based teachings that expedite your journey back to peace, happiness and abundance.  Her students say that learning from Robin is like riding a "Torpedo to Enlightenment".

    "Robin Duncan's Miracles in Money book has brought me untold peace, calm and centering during times of overwhelming financial stress and fear. That the book is so short is a miracle in and of itself -- there are so many answers within its 35 pages. I've also applied its affirmations and prayers in countless instances of stress and fear, that had nothing at all to do with worries about money. When one is frozen by fear, despite knowing that prayer is the answer, the words just won't come. I've been able to find Guidance as to just what to say and just what to do, even by simply opening the book at random This book is truly a gift from the Divine (through Robin) and has become my constant companion. I am so very grateful to have such a wonderful resource."
    Kathleen Harrington

    "This book has gotten me thru some of my scariest financial moments (and some of those moments were loooong!). I bought 10 a few years ago and gave them to clients, friends, family members and even a few homeless people - which felt really good considering this book teaches us how to create and maintain a prosperity consciousness - not just how to get money!  Mostly, it re-programs your mind around prosperity & the fear that blocks that prosperity.  Love this book!"
    Jaime Kalman

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