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Guided Imagery and Self-Hypnosis Training Certificate
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Guided Imagery & Self-Hypnosis

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    Guided Imagery & Self-Hypnosis Online Course
    Professional Training and Certification - CEU's Available

    Online Program - Launch Date to be Announced

    • Learn how to use guided visualization to make changes without struggle
    • Use our proprietary techniques to overcome obstacles with ease
    • Learn how to stay calm in the midst of turmoil & turn inward for higher guidance
    • Find out how Self-Hypnosis can stop the chatter and calm your mind

    About this Course
    During this Online Guided Imagery Training and Certification Class (with CEUs available), you will learn how to write and deliver customized guided imagery scripts to your patients, clients and/or their families. We will teach you how to deliver our already prepared guided imagery scripts, create your own written customized scripts, or create a spontaneous live script with our guidance, tips and short-cuts. By the end of the training series, you will be surprised at your ability to use guided imagery with individuals and groups of all ages with ease. Guided imagery is excellent for just about everyone. By quieting the mind and turning inward, your client or patient will learn how to calm their mind and become receptive to positive suggestions, which helps them reduce stress and move towards their goals with ease. This process is highly beneficial in a number of areas such as: patient care, pre and post-surgery, releasing stress and anxiety, fatigue, energy level, enhancing performance, fear of the future, releasing the past, phobias and other stress inducing factors. Whether you have experienced guided imagery before or not, this class will equip you with everything you need to be a confident and successful Guided Imagery Specialist. If you are already a practicing Nurse, Health Provider, Hypnotherapist, Counselor, Psychologist or Social Worker, you will find this class to be an excellent choice for enhancing your skill set.

    Why Attend Now?
    As the mind becomes quiet, the ability to move beyond obstacles becomes easier. Through this course, you will learn how to neutralize the "stressors" that keep people awake at night, such as tension from relationships, financial problems, mental fatigue, bottled emotions, concerns about medical treatment returning from war, etc. As the weight of these burdens is lifted, your client or patient naturally evolves to a happier, healthier and more balanced life; for some, this is a whole new beginning. New students receive a turn-key binder that is ready to use with clients and patients, including powerful tools and techniques right at your fingertips to jump-start your practice.

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    We look forward to meeting you and becoming your trusted source for alternative healing techniques and holistic training.

    Your purchase receipt is your confirmation for registration. You will receive a letter (via email) with details, class schedule, breaks and other relevant information about your training class prior to your designated start date.

    "I really enjoyed the Guided Imagery & Self Hypnosis class! It gave me an opportunity to learn how to personalize guided imagery scripts for my patients, using their own type of language as well as the modalities most useful to use with them. I would like to continue to learn new therapies that I can use with my patients to help them heal their life." E. Marin, RN

    "Your class has helped me establish a sense of discipline within myself that was previously lacking. I resonate with the spiritual emphasis given to the course's steps. I feel the writing in the scripts awakened my creativity. Thank you!" L. Frumento

    "I have been so blessed and empowered to be in this class! I have been opening up to and learning the art of lasting and powerful transformation through Guided Imagery! You gave us both practical tools and also creative freedom. I have been Divinely guided and inspired through your wonderful words and enlightened teaching! I am also excited to take this to the next level and record my own scripts to share with my future clients." D. Keith

    "I found the Guided Imagery & Self Hypnosis class really helped me to be able to get into a very relaxed state quickly and easily. I also like the Guided Imagery to help me focus on the areas of concern in my life. Thanks so much Robin for another GREAT class." M. Gladney

    "I have been happily surprised in how powerful each class has been. Robin, you explain everything very clearly and so simply that it has helped me to lower my shields and open my heart to learn more and more. I think the biggest benefit is that I now know that I can quiet my mind and go to my subconscious to find the Truth and be reconnected to the Light within me." P. Carreras

    "The class gives you a strong foundation for using Self Hypnosis. The assignment of writing a script really gave me the feeling of confidence. As always, the teacher is wonderful! I will be using all I learn in sessions with clients." L. Geyer

    "I really appreciate learning how to write a good script and gaining confidence in how to put one together. This is a GREAT class!" A. Pettersen

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