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Miracles in Prosperity - 7 Guided Meditations

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    Miracles in Prosperity - Set of 7 Guided Meditations on Wealth and Abundance
    by Robin Duncan  (Reg. $9.95/ea., or Package Bundle of 7 for $44)

    1 - Physical Wealth
    2 - Emotional Wealth
    3 - Spiritual Wealth
    4 - Personal Wealth
    5 - Family Wealth
    6 - Career Wealth
    7 - Global Wealth

    Listen to these calming and gentle Guided Meditations that help you release your barriers to wealth and claim your God-given Natural state of Abundance. It's time to let go of the old limiting beliefs about lack, scarcity, and struggle and make room for what is rightfully yours.

    In these relaxing Guided Meditations, I include Prayer, Guided Imagery, and the powerful spiritual principles of A Course in Miracles to help you turn inward and reclaim what is rightfully yours. In order to experience a life of abundance, it must first be claimed and known within you. Let's make time to do this together.

    Thoughts create experiences. The concepts of Fear, Lack and Scarcity are being given too much "floor-time" in our collective mind and this is delaying the experience of the Peace, Wealth and Abundance that is rightfully yours.

    It's time to take the floor back and to make room "as one united front" for
    all of the abundance that is our God-given birthright.

    Accessing the Guided Meditations
    You will receive an email with the Audio Links to all 7 Guided Meditations on Wealth and Abundance shortly after you make your purchase. 


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