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EFT Prayer Tapping on Sexual Abuse - 8 Part Video Series

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    EFT Prayer Tapping on Sexual Abuse - 8 Part Video Series with 16 Written Scripts
    Deep emotional healing for those who have experienced abuse

    Are you done with the pain?
    If you have experienced sexual abuse as a child or adult and you are feeling the aftermath of anger, fear, guilt, shame, loss of confidence, fear of intimacy, and other emotions that follow, this 8-part EFT Prayer Tapping Series on Sexual Abuse will help to neutralize the pain and hurt.

    In this Series...
    Robin will gently guide you through a deep inner journey of healing to unlock and release the pain you have carried way too long. You will be amazed at the freedom that comes from combining prayer with her proprietary EFT with the Source Technique and the spiritual principles of A Course in Miracles ("EFT Prayer Tapping"), along with your willingness to face and release the pain.

    This 8-Part Series on Sexual Abuse includes healing modules for:

    1 - Physical Abuse
    2 - Loss of Power & Confidence
    3 - Anger & Resentment
    4 - Guilt & Shame
    5 - Emotional Abuse
    6 - Fear of Intimacy
    7 - Fear of the Future
    8 - Trust & Safety

    During this deep healing series, Robin will gently walk you through the process of turning inward to look at the fear, hurt, betrayal, and feelings of powerlessness that are likely still sitting in your heart, and then show you how to release them and set yourself free.

    This series includes 8 Videos with 24/7 Online Access, PLUS 16 EFT Prayer Tapping Scripts, PLUS 8 Guided Meditations for powerful healing and transformation.

    This series is being offered at less than $10/module to ensure that anyone who truly wants healing from sexual abuse can have affordable access. If this is still not affordable given your current budget, please ask for help at: No one will be turned away for financial reasons.

    This program is lovingly sponsored by Robin Duncan, AIWP Miracles Ministry (a 501(c)3 nonprofit org.) and others who wish to help. Donate to AIWP Miracles Ministry Here

    All donations are tax-deductible. Thank you!

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